Crushball: Home of the Humble Story

Welcome to the home of my stories. All content derives from the mind of a 20-something year old born and based in London. My stories hold a light to the human experience, which is a testament to my annoyingly broad interests, and probably the best description of what you’ll find here. Fictional and real life tales of what it means to be human, what it can mean for some, and what it can mean for others.

Fiction: fiction that may seem very real, and entire fantasy worlds that somehow resonate with our own.

Non-fiction: anecdotes + commentary of my own, and me narrating the stories of others.

Whether you prefer to lose yourself in fiction, or to have your feet firmly on the ground, I hope you leave this site entertained (at the very least), more insightful, or maybe just affirmed.

A story or two every month.