I’m rebranding Crush-ball

I am rebranding Crush-ball;

Ever so slightly so that it barely matters, but enough to make note of it, just incase you’re looking for a reason to jump ship, and would like to do so before any valuable time is wasted. 

You won’t get it back, any time spent reading things on here. You especially won’t now that I am rebranding the site to include more, and at a far more frequent (and likely chaotic) rate than the current standard of barely once a month.

The ‘things’ in question currently account for ‘humble stories’— untold stories of the human experience and identities too often left unremarked. More specifically, non-fiction— journalism: commentary, an interview or two; personal essays: somewhat, and promises of fiction currently unfulfilled. So what, given the broadness of that sentiment, is changing? The naturalness of it all. It will now be a diary too, sort of. 

When Crush-ball first began, I was straight-outta-undergrad, with the feeling that each piece of writing had to be really riddled with purpose. That is what studying journalism did to me, it made me go commercial. Anything that came out of my head needed to be marketable, obnoxiously relatable or it stayed within (alongside other obscenities in the notes app). Despite all of that, the things that have ended up on here— most of them— have been nothing of the sort. So why fight it anymore? 

Crush-ball will now be all that it currently is and more— humble stories— now accounting for a scattering of thoughts across the same forms the site currently employs— personal essays, commentary and critique, and human-interest journalism. Read through Crush-ball as if you’ve always found me even mildly interesting, and now you’ve found my diary. The ‘untold stories’ are unashamedly my own, they always have been, but I won’t pretend they aren’t anymore for the sake of formality. This is what I’ve always wanted for Crush-ball, but I was too humble to create my own space on the web, free of conformity. I’ve always wanted an online diary, but I am very private indeed, I didn’t think I’d ever dare. That being said, I cannot promise I’ll be as ruthless for you as I’m used to being for myself. 

Though the kind of things I will be posting on here from now on will not be my diary verbatim, it will be just me firing out some things. It’ll be without the strain of having to push every post through a filter though— ‘is this valuable? Is this helpful? Is this too weird?’ and of course the final boss— ‘is this too wildly specific to my life— is this relatable?’ Not to sound annoying, but this is my site (not to sound even worse, but I am paying for the domain), and I’m ready to admit my desires, and go forth into the light with them. 

So ’Crush-ball’— still home of the humble story, but also now the most presentable, bordering chaotic entries from my notes app that I can bare to share, ‘cultural critique’ of some description, and still, where possible, clippings from the lives of others— interviews and what not. I’ll try to be as interesting as possible. 

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